Black and White Sunday-fun

Dad and I were  playing fun and rough with my toys while Mom ate her breakfast. 

When Mom was finished and ready, Mica and I got to have a long car ride. Always a favorite of ours. We drove to get food that we love, to bring home for dinner. After we had all finished our dinner it was time for evenings walks. I was really excited and Mom has to calm me down to get me ready and give time for Dad to get ready. It was a beautiful evening so we walked quite a while. When we returned Mica was already tired from the day and did not walk. We had a great day and were very tired, so off to bed. 

We would like to thank our hosts

Dachshund Nola 

Sugar the Golden Retriever 
For this Black and White Sunday BLOG HOP!!

Hope everyone has a terrific Sunday!!


4 comments on “Black and White Sunday-fun

  1. oh that was the perfect sunday..with car rides and walks playtime and the food you love… what’s better than to spend such a fab sunday together?

  2. Emmadog says:

    You look very content.

  3. fredrieka says:

    Car rides are the best. Wilma will be taking some with us as soon as she is tall enough to look out the window

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